Servicio privado y personalizado
Servicio privado y personalizado
VIFT Customization Service Flow Chart
  • Customer confirmation
  • design scheme
  • Basic parameter confirmation
  • Customer requests
  • Contact VIFT
  • Production, Inspection
  • CONTACT, VIFT is very easy to contact. You can request it directly through the website, call the company phone, or send us an email.
  • Requirement, Engineers need to know your cargo weight, size, working passage width, required lifting height, road condition.
  • Parameter, The engineer will give the preliminary product theoretical parameters for customers' reference.
  • Programme, After determining the basic parameters and functions of the product with the customer, the designer will begin to design the drawings.
  • Confirm, After the drawings are designed, the engineer will confirm all details with the customer to ensure that the product can be used safely.
  • Production, After the deposit is arranged, the production begins. After the production is completed, the customer can inspect the goods, determine all the functional parameters, and arrange the delivery.
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